Our School Cooks, Mrs Coulter, Miss Laird and Mrs Garcia make lovely freshly cooked food every morning.

A two course meal costs £2.35 a day (£11.75 a week).  Please make payments through your ParentPay account.

We offer full time school meals or a Try It Friday option for those children on packed lunches who would like a school meal once a week.  Before any changes are made to a pupils meal pattern please complete the relevant form and send it to the school office.  7 days notice is required for any changes.  The form can be downloaded from the website or paper copies can be found in the school entrance. 

All children in School Years Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 within KS1 are entitled to Universal Free School Meals under the government funding scheme.  This is not dependent on current circumstance or benefit entitlement.


If your child suffers from a severe food allergy or requires a special diet for medical reasons, it is essential that you contact the school office for advice on the necessary steps to take before your child has a school meal.  We are used to providing Gluten free food and no nuts are used as ingredients.


Parents receiving family credit and income support are entitled to free school meals. 

Applications can be made by following the link below:

Kirklees Free School Meals

If you require any assistance in applying for Free School Meals then please speak to our Business Manger, Mrs Walters, who will be more than happy to assist you.  

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