We understand that e-safety can be a minefield for parents who want to allow their children access to the internet and new ways to communicate, but who are concerned about their own knowledge of safe online use.  We hope that these links will prove helpful in explaining some of the ways communication can be used, and in providing advice for guiding children’s use of the latest technologies.




NSPCC document

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useful website to share with your child when they get their first mobile phone.  MY FIRST MOBILE PHONE

Follow the link here for advice and information about websites/ apps used for social Media.

Our Digital Leaders

The school’s Digital Leaders are an invaluable source of help and support for all our children.  They have already been very active in helping promote safe online use, designing posters, making ‘top tip’ labels for laptops and netbooks, and giving assemblies on e-safety to the other children in school. 

Useful Information about Apps

House party app

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Parental Advice for Gaming

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Parental Guides to Gaming Consoles

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