School Council

Reception Representatives 2023/24

Year 1 Representatives 2023/24

Year 2 Representatives 2023/24

Year 3 Representatives 2023/24

Year 4 Representatives 2023/24

Year 5 Representatives 2023/24

School Council

Our school council who will be working hard this year to help Mrs McLoughlin and Mrs Smith make important decisions about school life. 

They will also be working together to decide on which charitable causes the school will support this year.

We have signed a Councillor contract agreeing to:

  • Work hard to improve our school
  • Listen to other people 
  • Attend meetings
  • Communicate with our class
  • Set a good example for others to follow


'As a school councellor you make decisions about school and you have to make them fairly. For example you take a vote to see what the most people want.' 

‘We think about ways that we can improve the school for everyone.’ 

‘We raise money for charity so that we can help people less fortunate than ourselves.’ 

’We get ideas from other people to bring to the meeting’ 

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