The government is spending £450 million on improving PE and sport in primary schools. The Government have pledged to continue this funding until 2021.

The Department of Education say that schools are free to decide how to spend the grant, but they must be able to show that their spending has led to a “direct and sustained” improvement in sporting provision.  The schools action plan and costings documentation can be found below.

At Shelley First School we will use the funding to achieve the following aims;

To Increase Participation in Sports and PE and Develop Healthy Life Styles by:

  • Developing confidence in staff with the teaching of PE across school
  • Promoting the importance of a healthy life style to all pupils
  • Continuing to recognise the importance of upholding the Olympic and Paralympic Values across school
  • Encouraging competitive sport across school and the pyramid
  • Promoting competitive sport outside of school

Main Performance Indicators (expressed in terms of impact on pupils learning/progress where possible)

  • Developed confidence amongst staff in the teaching and assessing of PE.  Evidence of pupils making progress as a result.
  • Teachers confidently recording levels of attainment for all pupils in all areas of the PE curriculum.
  • Evidence of progression in all areas of PE curriculum (dance, gymnastics, athletics, invasion games) throughout the school.
  • More pupils attending a variety of sporting clubs offered before and after school to improve and develop skills and knowledge.
  • Realisation of the importance of leading a healthy life and making the right choices.
  • The improvement and development of all pupils’ physical social and cognitive skills through PE.
  • The improvement and development in pupils’ teamwork, leadership and communication skills.

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